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2 Thai Hut Restaurant is a local Redcliffe restaurant that has held an astounding reputation over the years. It cooks a range of authentic Thai entrees, soups, stir fries, curries, noodle and rice dishes as well as vegetarian dishes.

Not a fan of spicy food? Thai food is commonly perceived as being spicy however here at the 2 Thai Hut there are many non-spicy options and ALL curries can be cooked mild, medium or hot to your taste.

“Truly beautiful food, so fresh, so tasty & wonderful value for money!…” September, 2011

Thai Hut provides delivery, take-away and dine-in options and can also cater for private functions.

Come in or place an order to try our authentic Thai dishes today!

Home Loan Questions

Home Loans in Australia

When you compare home loans in Australia and their lenders, you have to look at a lot more than the interest rate. You have a lot of other components that determine how much you save or spend over the loan.

Before you start applying for home loans in Australia, make sure that you ask your lender the best questions. This article will give you some questions to ask your lender so that you can get some of the best home loans in Australia for you and your circumstances.

What exactly is the comparison rate?

Many advertisers focus on the interest rate. However, you will also need to look at the comparison rate. With the comparison rate, you get the charges of the home loans in Australia at The comparison rate will give you a much better idea of what you will spend over the life of the loan.

What is the best rate I can get?

The Australian mortgage industry operates as an extremely competitive field. What this means for you is that you can negotiate with your mortgage lender for the very best rates on home loans in Australia. The bigger lenders will want to discuss all of your options with you.

What are my repayment options?

Most lenders will give you monthly, weekly, or fortnightly repayment options. However, you will want to ask about repayment options as you might want to change how often you pay your home loans at Some lenders charge a fee for changing your repayment frequency, so check with them before you make the change.

What home loan features do you have?

Most people compare home loans in Australia through interest rates. However, you might not know about home loan features. These features can save you a lot of money on your home loan. Some lenders will charge you a fee for these features. Therefore, check with your lender before you apply.

What information do I need for my loan application?

Different lenders have different requirements for their loan applications. So even if you applied for home loans in Australia in the past, you would need to ask what information you need for the application. Make sure that you quickly provide all required information so the lender can process your application as soon as possible.

When will my loan get approved?

This question acts as one of the more important ones you can ask your lender. The question gives you a workable timeframe, plus the lender gets a deadline. When the lender has a deadline, this means that it’s much more likely that your home loan application won’t get dragged out.

Top Facts About Home Loans In Australia

Top Facts You Didn’t Know About Home Loans In Australia


Home loans in Australia can seem like an overwhelming matter for those who have never bought a piece of property. You may not know how to obtain them or what the laws are governing them. We’re going to take some time today to help you realize some facts about home loans in Australia so you’re better informed to obtain one for yourself when you’re ready to do so.

The first thing that a mortgage lender is going to ask you is what type of mortgage you want to apply for. The most common is going to be fixed rate and variable rate mortgages. It’s highly thought by many that variable rates are going to be around the same as fixed rates. This is simply not true.

Fixed rate home loans in Australia stay at the same interest rate for the entirety of the loan. Variable rate mortgages typically have an introductory period of two to five years where there is a fixed interest rate. After this introductory period, the rate will vary depending on the mortgage market. A variable rate mortgage can leave you open to high increases in your monthly mortgage payment and you end up paying more in the end for the same principle loan amount as a fixed mortgage.

For those who have already applied for variable rate home loans in Australia, there are some lifelines out there for you. You can take advantage of refinancing your home with a new fixed rate mortgage using

Home Loans Calculator at and while you may be initially thinking that it’s going to cost more money due to the exit costs, it will not. Exit fees have been banned on variable rate mortgages. So, don’t factor exit fees into your refinancing decision.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need twenty percent in cash to put down on a home loan. While this is a good number to go by, there are options to get home loans in Australia with a smaller or no down payment. It’s important to note that right off the bat you’re going to be paying on your loan for longer and you may be paying a higher interest rate depending on how the Home Loans is set up. However, this is a great option for those who simply don’t have enough money saved up to buy a home, assuming their credit history is in check.

Home loans in Australia are not overly difficult to work your way through when applying if you understand the facts about them. The more knowledge that you gain on this particular subject, the more confident you’re going to be in dealing with brokers and other real estate professionals. We encourage you to keep learning the facts about home loans so you can ensure you get a great loan at a great rate.

Refinance Home Loans

Benefits of Refinancing Your Home Loan in Australia

A refinance home loan is a new agreement under new loan terms with your lender. A refinance home loan is beneficial for a number of reasons, the main one being that you can change the terms of your loan when the situation changes. There is no need for you to be stuck with the same terms and suffer. A refinance home loan takes your old loan and applies the most recent terms to it. Most of the times these terms are better, and this is what would prompt a person to refinance. A lot of people are not aware of the benefits of refinance home loans, and this is why they are shy to take out home loans, to begin with. Here are a few reasons why you should refinance your home loan.

Reduce the Payment You Make Every Month

Refinancing your home loan at helps you negotiate a better interest rate. Once this is done, you will be able to make lower monthly payments. This will ease your budget and financial strain. Get your refinance home loan today and take advantage of lower interests and lower repayments. This will leave you with more money in your pockets to do other things.

Get Done With Your Mortgage Faster

Mortgages are long-term loans and can last anywhere from ten to thirty years. This can be a long time to pay off a loan. If you revisit the terms of your loan to a lower interest rate, then you can maintain the monthly repayment amount and reduce the repayment period instead. Interest is charged on an annual basis and reducing the number of years will mean that you will pay less for the loan than if you extend the period.

Access Your Home’s Equity

When you refinance your home loan, it gives you the chance to tap into the equity in your home and get money from the value of your house coupled with the amount you have already repaid to the lender. You can use this money to build an extra bedroom or house, for renovation purposes or whatever you please. Most financial institutions in Australia do not have a restriction on what you can do with the money.
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Combine Your debts and Repay Them as One

This is another benefit of refinancing a home loan. It lets you consolidate all your debt including your personal loan, auto loan, and mortgage into one. This makes repayment easier as the money is all deducted at once. Because this amount is higher, you can also get a good interest rate.

You should only refinance your home loan under the following circumstances:

• If the rate your lender is giving you is not competitive.

• If you want to consolidate debts such as your personal loan, car loan and credit card debt.

• If you want to change from a variable rate to a fixed rate.

• If you want money to pay for college tuition for your child, to start a business or redecorate your home, then a refinance home loan will enable you to do this through an equity release.

Refinance home loans have their benefits but should be done cautiously.

Home Loan Rates

Don’t Panic Over Home Loan Rates Rising

It is possible that Fixed Home Loans Rate at may rise in the near future, but is there really any reason to panic? Not if you ask leading financial gurus. They suggest that in fact the rates are at such historic lows that even a little rise in the rate would not make much of a difference to the average consumer.

The home loan rates have been creeping up ever so slightly, but they do not make much of a dent in the budget of an average family. They probably will not even notice the little bit of extra money that comes out of their budget to cover these interest rate hikes. They are more likely going to notice a rise in something like gas prices.

Still A Good Time To Buy A Home

Those who are interested in purchasing a home should still not care that much about the fixed home loans rate. It is still a great time to purchase a home if you are really in the market to do so. You see, because the rates are so historically low, this makes for great home prices in comparison to what one may have to pay in the future.

There are people who might decide to wait to purchase a home because of the home loan rates possibly climbing. However, they may end up waiting way too long to get into the market at all. It is entirely possible that they will actually end up with even higher home loan rates. At the end of the day, there is not much point to trying to predict which way interest rates are going to go in the future.

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Predictions Often End Up Wrong

A big part of the problem with trying to guess what home loan rates will be in the future is that we all bring our own biases into the thought process. We often make assumptions that favor what kind of outlook we already have. In other words, if we want to purchase a house now, we will assume that rates are going to go higher soon. If we think that we could possibly get a better deal in the future, we like to believe that rates will be even lower in the future.

At the end of the day, we usually make the wrong assumption and therefore end up with a worse deal for ourselves than what we otherwise would have gotten.

Considering all of this, it is probably not a good reason to worry about rising home loan rates. They have barely budged, and they are still considerably lower than usual.

Mortgage Calculator

Things You Should Never Do With A Mortgage Calculator

Financially speaking, it makes perfect sense to use a mortgage calculator before actually applying for a mortgage. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to use a mortgage calculator. The person who uses them in the wrong ways could find themselves in some common traps that others before them have fallen into as well.
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Forgetting The “Extras” That Go Into A Mortgage

It might seem like all a person has to do is plug in a few numbers and boom they have a mortgage rate. While one might try to use a mortgage calculator that way, it is the completely wrong thing to do if you want a legitimate answer as to how much your mortgage will actually cost. The information you seek has an answer more complex than just the down payment, interest rate, and price of the house.

Those three things are all important factors in this calculation, but to stop there is to do a disservice to yourself. Instead, you ought to also plug in factors that a Mortgage Calculator may miss. Consider the rule of your property taxes for example. Some mortgage calculators simply ignore this altogether. That leaves users with an imperfect picture of what their mortgage payment will really look like.

Miscalculating Interest Rates

Sometimes people who use a mortgage calculator assume that they can get the best interest rate available on the market. They believe that they are credit-worthy, or perhaps they have no clue at all what their credit score is. In either scenario, they may be allowing the mortgage calculator to delude them once again.

When using a mortgage calculator, it is better to assume your interest rate will be higher than what it may in fact turn out to be. Being conservative in your estimation gives you room to be wrong. That margin of error is what you need unless you want to have the sticker shock experience of paying way more monthly on your mortgage than what you ever expected to pay.

Closing Costs

When purchasing a house, you are most likely going to be responsible for paying the closing costs. In a lot of cases these can be rolled into your mortgage payment, but of course that is going to make that payment a little higher than what you may have been anticipating.

If you can manage to get a deal on closing costs, you should by all means try to take it. However, many people are simply unwilling to budge on that particular part of the negotiations. You might as well figure it in to your calculations for how much you will have to pay for the monthly mortgage payment.

Avoid these traps and you can gain a lot of utility out of a mortgage calculator. Fall for these traps, and you will end up disappointed.